High school students wishing to participate in school athletics will be paying more next year as the Davis School District attempts to make more of its extracurricular activities self-supporting.

Only one sport, gymnastics, will not raise its fee of $30. Cross country, golf and tennis will go from $15 to $25. Football and basketball will go from $30 to $35 while wrestling, baseball, track volleyball, swimming and soccer will go from $25 to $30.No student, however, will be charged more than $75 (p from $60) for athletics for the entire school year.

Most other fees will be unchanged. Textbook rental will stay at $27, and the student activity fee will remain at $20. Optional fees will include $20 for yearbooks, $2 for locker rentals, $1 for a parking decal, $20 for renting school-owned musical instruments and $5 for class-schedule changes not tied to school administrative needs. Seniors will also see a $10 cap and gown rental charge.

The cost for taking classes for make-up credit will increase from $40 to $45, and most summer school classes will see increases as the district attempts to make them self-supporting. In the past, summer-course fees have ranged from $15 to $35. Under the new program, fees will likely increase to between $20 and $60.

In addition, those participating in drill teams could spend up to $450 (own from $500) for drill team membership and $200 for drill team clinics; $450 (own from $500) for cheerleader participation on the varsity level and $250 for junior varsity; $150 for pep club participation, and $150 for participation in performing musical groups.

Clubs and summer clinics are also expected to levy fees sufficient to make them self-supporting.

At the junior high level, fees will also increase. All three grades will be paying a $20 textbook rental fee and a $5 activity fee. Optional fees will include $5 for the school picture book (earbook), $5 for non-administrative schedule changes, $1 for locker rentals and $20 for school-owned musical instruments. Cheerleader participation will be limited to a maximum $150, and student officers will be limited to $75 for officer sweaters.

Students wishing to make up failing grades in required courses will have to pay $45 for make-up credit and $12 if they want to participate in a six-session remedial program.