The government has resolved a crisis in its relationship with NATO by ruling that alliance warships will be allowed to visit Denmark without revealing if they're carrying nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Poul Schlueter said Tuesday that his government will notify the diplomatic missions of its NATO allies of Denmark's peacetime ban on nuclear weapons. Visiting vessels, however, will receive no such notice.A dispute over toughening Denmark's longstanding nuclear weapons ban triggered an unscheduled election May 10 that ended in a political stalemate, and Schlueter returned as prime minister in a minority coalition last week.

Before the elections, the socialist opposition pushed a resolution through the Folketing, or parliament, that obliged the government to remind visiting warships of Denmark's nuclear policy.

Although the resolution of April 14 stands, the new center-right government will send a note to the diplomatic missions of concerned NATO countries rather than to each naval vessel, Schlueter said.

There is no mention of nuclear weapons in the note.

Since 1976, Denmark has required all foreign warships wishing to pass through its waters or dock at its ports to seek permission via diplomatic channels.