The Utah County Commission has granted preliminary approval of a Geneva Steel inducement-resolution request for $6.8 million in industrial revenue bonds to finance a wastewater treatment facility designed to curb plant pollutants.

Passage of the resolution would give Geneva officials the go-ahead to test the bond market for financing the project."We're assured that the bonds would be marketable," said Geneva bond counsel Dick Fox. He said company officials must still request a portion of the state's bonding quota from the state's bonding allocation board because the $6.8 million is well above the county's bonding limit.

The proposed wastewater treatment facility will treat previously used water with activated sludge, then filter it in preparation for cooling slag, said Boyd Erickon, director of plant engineering and environment. He said the steam created by the cooling process will be free of harmful particulates generated by the current cooling process, which uses untreated water.