Part of President Reagan's legacy when he leaves office will be at the feet of future presidents.

A new handmade $49,625 terra cotta, beige and green carpet decorated with the presidential seal in the center and bordered with olive branches, symbolizing peace, has been laid in the Oval Office, it was announced Monday.White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater disclosed details of the new rug, which he said President and Mrs. Reagan wanted to leave in the White House as part of their legacy.

The oval 100 percent wool carpet, which is 23 feet 9 inches by 31 feet, 2 inches, weighs 375 pounds and was two years in the making, he said.

Fitzwater said that the rug was installed while the Reagans were attending the Moscow summit. "They wanted to leave an asset to the White House and they thought this would be attractive," he said.

The previous carpet, which had been installed in 1976, will be put in storage, he said.

Fitzwater said Mrs. Reagan worked with curator Rex Scouten and the White House Historical Association to design the rug and to secure the private donor who paid for it but wishes to remain anonymous.

The carpet has a sunburst pattern with rays of peach, beige and a light brown emanating from the round seal in the center, which features an eagle with arrows surrounded by stars with the written motto in gold: "E Pluribus Unum."

The design matches the cove in the ceiling of the Oval Office. The 18-inch outer border has a design of green olive branches.