Prosecutors have obtained evidence that Noah Robinson, half-brother of presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, paid a man to stab a witness to a 1986 murder in Greenville, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The Greenville News quoted unidentified sources who said an associate of Robinson, Holandus "Jake" Oliver, delivered the money to Freddie Elwood Sweeney.Robinson, Oliver and Sweeney all have been arrested on charges stemming from the December 1987 stabbing of Janice Denise Rosemond, who survived the attack in her Greenville apartment.

Rosemond was stabbed shortly after her return from Chicago where she testified before a federal grand jury about the fatal shooting of former Robinson employee Leroy "Hambone" Barber.

Barber was gunned down in January 1986 outside a Greenville building owned by Robinson. No one has been arrested for Barber's death.

Robinson has said he is innocent of all charges.

Federal agents seized documents and $21,000 in cash during searches of Robinson's Chicago home Sunday night and Monday.

Agents examined stacks of documents at Robinson's South Side home and nearby office, acting on federal warrants.