Robert Voets, CBS
Marg Helgenberger and William Petersen star in CBS's "CSI."
Question: I was watching an episode of "CSI" where Gil Grissom (William Petersen) was at a crime scene. He opened the trunk of a car and held up the murder weapon. It was a crowbar, but he called it a tire iron. There is a difference.

Answer: I know I speak for my vast reading public when I say we sleep better at night knowing you're on the job. Thanks!

Question: In the early 1980s, I saw a film in school about an elementary school class after a successful invasion of the United States by the Soviets. (It is not "Red Dawn.") The class gets a new teacher, and she cuts an American flag into small pieces and gives a piece to each student. Do you know what this movie is?

Answer: It's actually a 30-minute film called "The Children's Story," based on a book by James Clavell, who also wrote "Shogun." It aired as part of the syndicated anthology series "Mobil Showcase" in 1982. The cast includes Mildred Dunnock and Michaela Clavell, the author's daughter, as the teacher, acting under the name Michaela Ross.

Question: A simple yes or no answer will do fine. Was Delta Burke ever one of "Barker's Beauties" on "The Price Is Right"?

Answer: I sense a lack of enthusiasm for snark on your part. Burke was never a Barker's Beauty. "No," in other words.

Question: We can't agree what the green leafy guy is supposed to be on the Fruit of the Loom commercials. My brother says it is a cabbage, but is cabbage a fruit? I'm not sure. Help me.

Answer: So clearly you have never enjoyed delicious cabbage shortcake. The leafy Fruit of the Loom guy is supposed to be just that — leaves. You will notice that in some commercials he is green, while in others he has changed to a lovely burnt umber.

Question: I have a question about the movie "Little Children" with Kate Winslet. My husband and I have been trying to recognize the voice of the film's narrator. He's not listed in the credits. Can you help?

Answer: The narrator is actor Will Lyman, who also narrates frequently for PBS documentary shows such as "Nova" and "Frontline." He also narrated the PBS miniseries "Vietnam: A Television History."

Question: Many years ago there was a TV movie with Barbara Eden as a private detective who takes over the agency after her husband dies. I thought it was going to be a series. Do you remember the name of the movie and the series and if they are available?

Answer: Hmm — sounds like "Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model?" a 1977 TV movie that also starred Richard Basehart and Joan Hackett. Eden played Liz Stonestreet, who went undercover as a porn star to find a missing girl. Something tells me justice triumphed. "Stonestreet" was on video but is now out of print. There wasn't a "Stonestreet" series, maybe because the next year Eden was busy filming "Harper Valley PTA," which was a box-office hit in towns all over America with populations under 10,000.

Question: I watch "House" every week. At the end of the credits I believe there is a reference to the movie "Jaws." My wife thinks I am crazy. It is where there are two guys on the beach and one says, "That's some bad hat, Harry." Also, you can see a shark's fin in the background. I know this is a scene from the movie. Could you help clear this up?

Answer: Sure — just think of me as mental Clearasil. "House" is coproduced by Bad Hat Harry Productions, so named because the show's executive producer, Bryan Singer, loves the movie "Jaws." In the movie, the line is spoken by Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) to local citizen Harry (Alfred Wilde).

Question: In the 1994 movie "Trapped in Paradise," with Nicolas Cage, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz, who is the actress playing their mother? She looks so familiar, but I just can't put a name to the face.

Answer: Florence Stanley played the role. You may remember her as Judge Martha Wilbur on the sitcom "My Two Dads" (NBC, 1987-90) or as Abe Vigoda's wife on "Fish" and "Barney Miller."

Question: Did Laurence Fishburne ever portray a boy named Josh on my favorite soap, "One Life to Live"? Please say I'm right, so I can tell my friend it's not my imagination!

Answer: You're right — you're not that imaginative! Congratulations! Fishburne was a regular on that ABC soap from 1973 until 1976.

Question: Several summers ago, there was a show on TV about father-and-son treasure hunters trying to solve an ancient mystery. I would like to know the name of the show.

Answer: Sounds like "Veritas: The Quest," a show closely followed by all people who follow the shows with "Quest" in the title. Our heroes were father Solomon Zond (Alex Carter) and son Nikko (Ryan Merriman). The female eye candy was Juliet Droil, played by Cobie Smulders. The show aired on ABC from January to March 2003. Thirteen episodes were produced, but only four aired, which means that apparently you were the only person in America who was watching.

Question: I have recently seen a few episodes of the series "Shark" and am trying to place the lady who plays the D.A. I believe her name is Jeri Ryan. I know I have seen her before. Has she been in daytime soaps or in a previous series?

Answer: Jeri Ryan is familiar to teenage boys across America as Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager" (UPN, 1997-2001). She also was a regular on "Boston Public" (Fox, 2001-2004), and she was Charlotte Morgan on "The O.C." She hasn't appeared in any daytime soaps.

Question: When I was young, in the late 1940s or early '50s, I saw my very first color film. The parts I remember are a fight in a river and the water was so blue and clear it was fantastic. This movie was set in Florida, and in one scene the travelers were crossing a large open area of grass. In the middle of this large area was a tree, and under the tree were the skeletons of dead animals. The guide told the people that the tree would drip sap onto animals and people and they would die. Do you have any idea what this movie could have been?

Answer: Sounds like the 1953 film "Seminole," with Rock Hudson, Barbara Hale, Anthony Quinn and the Florida Everglades in all its terrible majesty! Alas, it isn't on video or DVD.

Question: A movie I saw as a kid has stuck with me for years. It begins with a family in a car. A brother or sister (I can't remember) plays a trick on an older sister by tying her shoelaces together without her knowledge. Then the car is in a serious crash and the older sister can't escape and is burned to death. Then her ghost haunts the family. Can you tell me the title of this movie and if it's on DVD?

Answer: That's the 1982 TV movie "Don't Go to Sleep," with Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper and Ruth Gordon. It's on video, but not DVD.