Jurors in the case of a widower suing cigarette makers for his wife's lung cancer death must send a message that the tobacco industry's behavior toward its customers is "no longer acceptable," the man's lawyer said.

In his closing argument during the 4-month-old trial, lawyer Marc Z. Edell told a federal court jury Monday that Antonio Cipollone is seeking punitive damages in addition to compensation for his wife Rose's illness and death.The jury was expected to begin deliberations Tuesday after instruction in the law from U.S. District Judge H. Lee Sarokin.

The tobacco industry has never lost a smoker death suit, but the Cipollone case has attracted attention because the evidence has included hundreds of previously unreleased interal documents from cigarette companies and trade associations.

Cipollone's suit accuses Liggett Group Inc., Philip Morris Inc. and Lorillard Inc. of conspiring to mislead consumers on the health hazards of smoking.