Blaine Hudson will step down as chief executive officer and president of Blaine Hudson Printing, turning management reins over to a former CBS senior executive and to his son Mark Hudson.

As president emeritus and board member, Hudson said he will reduce his day-to-day involvement with the printing firm but assist in overseeing company affairs.Appointed to chairman and CEO of Blaine Hudson Printing is Donald S. Gull, a former assistant treasurer and assistant to the president of CBS. A Utah native, Gull graduated from Brigham Young University and received an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining CBS, Gull was head of strategic planning for American Airlines. He is a fellow of the Sloan School of Management and a former Air Force pilot.

Mark Hudson will serve as president and chief operating officer. He has operated the company for the past three years, while Blaine Hudson and his wife served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and will continue to manage purchasing, printing and operation.

A regional commercial printing concern, Blaine Hudson Printing began in Salt Lake City before the turn of the century and was purchased by Hudson in 1972. The company employees nearly 100 people.