Is Eva bigger than Madonna?

It was back in 1994 when Delta Center fans were star gazing as Dennis Rodman was in town with the Spurs for the NBA Playoffs. He brought along his companion at the time, as it was none other than Madonna. Now, it is Tony Parker bringing his fiance, TV star Eva Longoria, to EnergySolutions Arena for the Utah crowd to torment.

Jazz bench pulls disappearing act

The Jazz bench production has been a key factor in each game of the series. It contributed only 31 points combined in Games 1 and 2, and the Jazz lost both. The team came back to win Game 3 while getting 38 points from the bench, so when the guys coming off the pine for the Jazz chipped in only nine points in Game 4 — Gordan Giricek led the way with only four points — a Spurs victory was nearly assured.

No second chance for the Jazz

The Jazz were near the top of the NBA during the regular season in second-chance points and offensive rebounds, but the Spurs beat them at their own game. San Antonio had 12 second-chance points compared the Utah's three, and the Spurs grabbed 12 offensive rebounds to only eight for the Jazz.