AMERICAN FORK — Greenwood Elementary School will receive a technology grant from Hewlett-Packard worth $31,000 for math education.

The American Fork elementary school at 50 E. 200 South is one of 130 public schools nationwide to receive a technology grant worth $31,000.

Each of the HP Technology for Teaching grant recipients will use HP wireless Tablet PC technology to enhance learning. At Greenwood, teachers will work on a math-teaching training program through Brigham Young University.

"This technology infusion will enable us to move the instruction we're receiving into the mainstream classroom experience at Greenwood," said Elaine Kirsch, grant coordinator for Greenwood.

This grant comes at a critical time in the evolution of math instruction at Greenwood Elementary. In addition to the math endorsement program, Greenwood and other elementary schools in the Alpine School District are adopting a new math textbooks, after about five years with the program Investigations of Number, Data and Space.