Salt Lake radio lost a veteran morning show without warning last week — "Married with Microphones" on KODJ (FM-94.1).

Dickie and Angel Shannon, who proved married couples can get along well together on the air, were told after their May 4 show that it was their last. "We didn't have a chance to say goodbye to our listeners," Dickie Shannon said. "We appreciate their loyalty and had a great time."

The couple began their positive, family-style radio show back in May 1995, and it ended suddenly after a 12-year run.

Rob Boshard, KODJ afternoon host, has been doing mornings on the station this week. Whether this change is permanent is unclear.

Dickie Shannon said they were simply told the station is going in a new direction.

He also said the station has released them from their "no-compete" contract, which means they could land jobs immediately in this same radio market if openings present themselves.

Angel Shannon will continue to appear Tuesdays and Wednesdays on KTVX, Ch. 4, talking about food and recipes. "We're hanging in and looking at our options," Dickie said.

KODJ, a "Superhits of the '60s and '70s" station, seems to be playing more music than ever in the mornings. It also has a continuous online poll, a "battle of bands" contest, at

—Only one other morning radio show has been uninterrupted on the Salt Lake airwaves longer than Dickie and Angel. That's Bill Allred and Kerry Jackson on KXRK, who have been on for 13 1/2 years, since October 1993.

RADIO RATINGS — KSL (AM-1160/FM-102.7) surged to its best Arbitron radio rating in more than a year with an 8.7 percent share of the age 12-plus listening audience for the No. 1 ranking in the "winter book." Sister station KSFI ("FM-100") was second at 5.7 percent and KUBL third at 5.1.

The remainder of the top 10:

4. KNRS-AM, 4.4

5. KRSP, 4.3

6. KOSY (3.9)

7. KSOP (3.7)

8. (tie) KXRK and KZHT, 3.4

10. (tie) KHTB/KRAR, KODJ and KUUU 3.3

13. KBER, 2.9

14. KJMY, 2.8

15. KDUT, 2.6

16. KKAT, 2.5

17. KENZ, 2.3

18. (tie) KBEE and KEGA, 2.1

20. KBZN, 1.9

21. KBMG, 1.8

22. KUDD/KUDE, 1.5

23. KXRV, 1.4

24. KJQN, 1.3

25. KFNZ-AM , 1.1

26. (tie) KDYL-AM. KYMV and KZNS-AM/KOVO-AM. 1.0

29. KSOP-AM, 0.9

30. KLO-AM, 0.7; 31. (tie) KBJA-AM and KXTA-AM, 0.5

KEGA CHANGE — Danny Ryan, the last of the original air staff that launched KEGA in 2003 has now left the station. He's departed from "The Eagle" after more than three years to return to radio in Boise, Idaho, as afternoon DJ and music director at KTMY, FM-104.3. He was previously a DJ for more than six years at Boise's KIZN, prior to coming to Salt Lake City. He is also going to revive his original air name, "Don Jarrett," to use in Boise. Justin Taylor is his immediate replacement at KEGA until further notice.

TEN YEARS AGO IN SALT LAKE RADIO KSFI leads the winter Arbitron book for adults, but KENZ goes from fifth to first among young adults. ... Paul Harvey moves from KDYL to KALL. ... The "Ground Zero" paranormal show on KBER, hosted by Clyde Lewis, earns a 21.8 percent share among young adults.

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