Ravell Call, Deseret Morning News
Jane Petty of Provo performs at the Dee Events Center at Weber State in 2003. Petty was a guest Friday night on "The Tonight Show."

A 90-year-old dancer from Provo strutted her stuff on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Friday night.

Jane Petty, the oldest member of the senior citizen's dance group Jean's Golden Girls, was invited to the show to show off her skills, which included a combination of jazz, tap and western dance moves.

The retired schoolteacher ended her routine with splits on live TV during a segment in which three contestants were asked to impress actor Ed Asner.

"You look magnificent," Asner told the woman.

Petty blew away the competition, which included a screaming candelabra man and a guitarist who blew a tiny spit bubble after singing the tune "Tiny Bubbles." Leno carried the woman to meet Asner as she did impress him and won the competition.

"When we are together again, will you promise to be gentle," Asner said to the elderly but agile woman. She completed her stint of stardom by boogying off stage left.