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Ravell Call, Deseret Morning News
West High students gather in 2004 to view flowers placed on a fence as a memorial to Marisela Lavalle, a school cafeteria worker.
Between 2002 and 2006, about 50 women and men were killed in Utah by their intimate partners. The following is a gallery of the victims, the names of their abusers, the details of each couple's domestic violence if it's known and the number of children each victim has left behind.

2002 victims

Amy Jensen, 29

West Valley City

How: Shot by her common-law husband, Chad Kay Hendrickson, who then shot himself to death.

History: The couple had a history of domestic violence and according to relatives had an earlier argument during which a gun was accidentally discharged without injuring anyone. The pair were found dead the next day.

Children: two

Maria Trinidad-Gonzales, 33

Salt Lake City

How: Allegedly strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend, Roberto Vega.

History: The couple broke up, and Trinidad-Gonzales had returned to their former apartment to clean up when Vega apparently confronted her. Police believe Vega fled to Mexico.

Joseph Perry Morgado, 38


How: Shot in chest during an argument with his wife, Pamela H. Morgado. The couple had decided to separate.

History: No evidence she had been abused. She got one year in jail on second-degree manslaughter charge.

Sharee Lana Hatch, 32

Spanish Fork

How: Shot by her estranged husband, Robert Steven Hatch, in her home.

History: Couple were in the middle of a contentious divorce. Sharee Hatch obtained a protective order after a physical altercation in 2001. He was sentenced to two life terms in prison.

Children: Two sons

Sharon Hogan, 47

South Jordan

How: Shot by her husband, retired UHP trooper Larry Dale Hogan, in their home before turning the gun on himself.

History: Police cited Dale Hogan for domestic violence earlier in the day, and he left with a friend. He returned four hours later with a gun.

Brenda Lee Lundell, 45

Spanish Fork

How: Beaten to death by her husband of four months, John P. Vinanti, who was drunk.

History: Vinanti and Lundell were both arrested for domestic violence during their relationship. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Children: Three sons

Rosemary Kramer, 63

Duchesne County

How: Shot by her ex-husband, Lloyd Alvin Harry Jr., who drove around with her body for three days before disposing of it near Elko, Nev.

History: The couple married then divorced in 2001 but continued to live together.

Loretta Romero, 38

West Valley City

How: Shot with a shotgun by her live-in boyfriend, Craig Allen Veale.

History: There was an argument the day of the shooting, but police were not aware of any past domestic disputes. At trial, Veale testified he was drinking and depressed over being out of work.

2003 victims

LaRae Marara Sullivan, 34

West Valley City

How: Stabbed to death by her husband, Brian Christopher Sullivan, who also killed the couple's 4-year-old daughter. He allegedly told his sister that he was like Abraham, who was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, with a knife, according to the Bible.

History: Brian Sullivan suffered from mental health problems.

Mary Ann Martinez, 51


How: Shot to death by her estranged boyfriend, Uriel Treto-Luna, outside her residence; he then took his own life.

History: Treto-Luna attempted to break into Martinez's house a week earlier.

Tammy Seely, 33

West Valley City

How: Shot and killed by her estranged husband, Tyson Seely, following an argument in their living room. Seely then took his own life. Their children were in another room at the time.

Children: three

Lori Roberta Gurule, 22

Salt Lake City

How: Allegedly shot and killed by ex-boyfriend, Luis Alberto Salinas, in a 7-Eleven parking lot. He allegedly also killed Aristee Torres and Juan Alberto Ruiz.

History: He had been convicted on domestic violence charges in the previous year. Police believe he fled to Mexico.

Children: two

Annalee Christensen, 23


How: Shot three times by her ex-boyfriend, Trovon Donta Ross.

History: According to court testimony, Ross physically abused Christensen during their relationship and threatened to kill her family if she told anyone. Ross was convicted of capital murder.

Tamera Guliyan, 73

Salt Lake City

How: Strangled to death by her estranged husband, Nikolay Guliyan, who then hanged himself.

History: Police did not determine a motive.

Shelley Pack, 52

West Valley City

How: Shot by her husband, Robert Pack, inside their home; he then took his own life.

Gerald J. Richards Jr., 54

Salt Lake City

How: Shot with a rifle by his wife, Lilly Volhert Richards, in their home.

History: Police said they learned after the homicide that there was an ongoing domestic problem, but no incidents were ever reported to authorities. She got 2-15 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

Children: four

2004 Victims

Michael V. Peacock, 52

Salt Lake County

How: Shot by his wife, Becky L. Peacock, following an argument in their home.

History: Becky Peacock said she suffered extreme emotional distress after catching her husband in a hot tub with another woman. The couple had a turbulent marriage. Sentenced to one year in jail after pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

Kari Lynn San Miguel, 20

West Jordan

How: Shot by her boyfriend, Jose Luis Topete, in the couple's apartment. Children ages 3 and 4 floor slept in the other room.

History: Topete has an extensive criminal history, police said. Charged with manslaughter and other charges.

Children: two

Marisela Lavalle, 39

Salt Lake City

How: Shot by her estranged husband, Federico Cervantes-Lavalle, as she arrived for work at West High School; he then killed himself.

History: Marisela Lavalle had recently served her husband with divorce papers. Although there were reports for physical violence, police said Lavalle had been the victim of emotional abuse.

Children: six

Michelle Sims, 36

West Jordan

How: Shot by ex-husband, Stephen Sims, in his parents' home; he then shot himself.

History: Both sought protective orders in 2003. His was granted; her's was denied. The couple had a history of marital problems. West Jordan police responded to numerous calls dating back to 1991.

Children: two

Lori Soares Hacking, 27

Salt Lake City

How: Shot by husband Mark Hacking while she slept. Lori Hacking was pregnant.

History: Lori Hacking discovered he had lied to her for a couple of years about his schooling. He was sentenced to six years to life in prison.

Rhonda A. Rosenbalm, 34


How: Run over by a car driven by her boyfriend, James Ricky Cunningham Jr., after an argument at Arches National Park. Pleaded guilty and sentenced to up to life in prison.

Marydell Lupinacci, 49


How: Shot by her estranged husband, Frank Lupinacci, as she left her apartment for work. He then shot himself.

History: Both sought protective orders. Hers was granted; his was dismissed. Frank Lupinacci was earlier convicted of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a former wife. Neighbors said Marydell constantly feared for her life.

Alan Lavoy Johnson, 71

Jensen, Uintah County

How: Shot five times by his estranged wife, Evelyn Johnson, in his camper trailer.

History: Evelyn Johnson sought a protective order a week before. Her daughter told authorities the shooting was the result of 20 years of Alan Johnson's physical and mental abuse. Police had no documented history of domestic violence.

2005 victims

Theresa Marie Harris, 43

West Valley City

How: Shot four times by ex-husband Hector Leiva-Fuentes in her front yard; he then killed himself.

History: Harris obtained a protective order in 2004 based on alleged death threats against her and her children.

Children: two

Brea Lynn Kirchoff, 26

Where: La Verkin, Washington County

How: Allegedly shot by her ex-boyfriend, Floyd Corry Robinson. Her three young children and 13-year-old brother witnessed the shooting. Robinson was charged with aggravated murder.

Children: three

Johanna McCann, 38


How: Stabbed by her live-in boyfriend, Joseph Weatherspoon, who dumped her body near Pine View Reservoir.

History: Weatherspoon has one domestic violence conviction from years ago. He was sentenced to six years to life in prison.

Laura Kilpatrick Quibell, 59

West Valley City

How: Shot by her former husband, Lyle E. Kilpatrick, following a court hearing regarding unpaid alimony. He then killed himself.

History: Court records show a history of domestic violence. Quibell told neighbors he had been "very abusive" during their 40-year marriage.

Lindsay Rae Fawson, 22


How: Shot in the head with a sawed-off shotgun by her ex-boyfriend, Juan Carlos Diaz, while she sat in her car. Her son was in the back seat. He was sentenced to five years to life for first-degree felony murder.

History: Argument over ownership of personal property after breakup.

Children: one

Jacqueline Villoto, 34


How: Shot and stabbed by her common-law husband, Jairo Ortega, who then killed himself.

History: Salt Lake County sheriff's records show no history of domestic violence. A 5-year-old child whom Jacqueline was baby-sitting was in the house. Villoto's three sons, ages 12 to 15, found her body.

Children: three

Janeil B. Drommond, 29


How: Shot in the head and chest, allegedly by ex-husband David Drommond.

History: Drommond told her months earlier he intended to kill her. A protective order was in place when she was killed. Janeil had just dropped off the couple's 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter at her ex-husband's house. He opened fire just after they passed him into the house. He is charged with capital murder.

Children: two

Nicole L. D'Agnillo, 23

South Ogden

How: Investigators believe Mark B. D'Agnillo shot his wife and himself. A 4-month-old child was also found dead in the home, but the child's cause of death was undetermined.

Children: one

2006 victims

Joann Francis Landau Carlson, 48


How: Police say she was beaten, suffocated and then dumped in a bathtub to make it appear like an accident. Her husband, Richard Stuart Carlson, is charged with murder.

Nicole Speirs, 22


How: Although she apparently drowned in the bathtub, the state medical examiner ruled her death an "unexplained drowning." In December, Walter Smith, 24, confessed to being responsible for the death, according to police.

History: Speirs and Smith broke off their relationship but got back together after Speirs found out she was pregnant with twins and Smith was the father, according to a police report. He is charged with first-degree murder.

Children: two

Cassandra Bryan, 46

Salt Lake City

How: Shot multiple times, allegedly by her husband, Stephen James Walker

History: According to court documents, Walker told a friend he was going to commit suicide. When the friend arrived at his house to check on him, he found Bryan dead and Walker sitting on his porch.

Antoinette "Toni" Corum, 59

Emery County

How: Allegedly strangled by her boyfriend, Lanny Hubert Wayman. She was found in a motor home in a camping area.

History: Wayman and Corum had apparently had a loud argument the day before. Wayman previously served time in prison for domestic abuse. He is charged with first-degree murder.

John Matthew Ruiz, 44

Brigham City

How: Police say he was shot once in the chest by his wife, Vickie Marie Ruiz, after she caught him with another woman. She was arrested for investigation of homicide.

Larry Van Camp, 57


How: Shot by his wife, Michelle Carter, outside his house while working on his semitrailer. She then turned the gun on herself.

History: Van Camp and Carter had a daylong argument over a part for a broken truck air conditioner. Local law enforcement was not aware of prior domestic disputes. Three children were watching TV in an RV 20 yards away. A 14-year-old boy found the bodies.

Children: three

Martin James Sessions, 49


How: Shot multiple times in his home, allegedly by his wife, Carole Elizabeth Alden. She told police Sessions was drunk that day and had threatened her, punched the wall, threw things and tore apart a bedroom and bathroom. She is charged with first-degree murder.

History: Alden had called police several times in the past to report domestic violence. Martin pleaded guilty to domestic violence assault on one occasion.

Tina Rene Evans, 42

Stansbury Park

How: Stabbed in bed, allegedly by her live-in boyfriend, Johnny D. Bevan, who unsuccessfully attempted suicide.

History: Bevan told authorities the couple had been fighting and he was upset that Evans planned to leave him. He is charged with first-degree murder.

Children: two sons, ages 17 and 8, and a 15-year-old daughter

Maria Rivas, 32

St. George

How: Stabbed to death in her home, allegedly by her estranged husband, Jaime Antonio Lopez Sr.

History: Lopez had a jealous temper and believed his wife was cheating on him, according to police. He is charged with aggravated murder.

Children: at least one

Jamie L. Vance, 21

West Jordan

How: Shot in her home by her former boyfriend, Anoulack Bphanphonsavat, who then turned the shotgun on himself.

History: Vance had been trying to end the couple's relationship.

Tonja Marie Nash, 40


How: Shot in the back as she ran from her live-in boyfriend, Keith Lamont Morton, outside their home. One son watched the shooting.

History: The couple met on the Internet. Police say Morton tried to strangle Nash after a fight about Thanksgiving dinner the year before. He pleaded guilty to aggravated murder. Sentencing is in April.

Children: three