Looking for food blogs? You can start with some of these sites, many of which offer links to other blogs.

Kalyn's Kitchen: Real Cooking. South Beach Results. (www.kalynskitchen.blogspot.com)

Blogher: Where the women bloggers are (www.blogher.org)

101 Cookbooks: Exploring coobkooks, one recipe at a time (www.101Cookbooks.com)

Running With Tweezers: Tales from the frontlines of food (www.runningwithtweezers.typepad.com)

David Lebovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris (www.davidlebovitz.com)

Vegan Lunchbox: (www.veganlunchbox.blogspot.com)

Eggbeater: (www.eggbeater.typepad.com)

Pinch My Salt: A Place for Food (www.pinchmysalt.wordpress.com)

Coconut & Lime: Creative tips and original recipes by a food-obsessed, cupcake-loving girl in Baltimore, Md. (www.coconutlime.blogspot.com/)

Simply Recipes: (www.elise.com/recipes)

Smitten Kitchen: My Food Is Yours, Son (www.smittenkitchen.com)

The Amateur Gourmet: (www.amateurgourmet.com)

A Veggie Venture: Veggie Inspiration from Asparagus to Zucchini (www.kitchen-parade-veggieventure.blogspot.com)

Joseph Hall.com: Computer geek gone chef and back again (blog.josephhall.com)

Well-Fed Network: Eating. Dining. Entertaining. (www.wellfed.net)