In his letter, Nelson Wadsworth claims that "The Departed" is not Oscar-worthy because it does not have any redeeming value in the message it portrays (Readers' Forum, March 1). Since when has redeeming value been a part of the Oscar nomination process? In a quick review of Best Picture winners over the last 20 or so years, I find graphic violence ("Braveheart," "Gladiator," "Platoon," "Schindler's List"), nude scenes involving girls under the age of 18 (Thora Birch was only 17 when she appeared topless in "American Beauty") and disturbing imagery ("The Silence of the Lambs"). Awarding "The Departed" a Best Picture Oscar seems par for the course to me.

Further, Mr. Wadsworth claims that "The Departed" will cause damage to our "impressionable youth." Well, there's a reason it was awarded an R rating. Did he not do his research before he went to see the film? The MPAA clearly explained why it warranted an R.

Greg Sullivan