A number of agencies in the Salt Lake Valley are offering help for individuals in the aftermath of the Trolley Square shooting:

• Valley Mental Health operates an adult crisis line and also can direct individuals to assistance for children at 801-261-1442.

• The Children's Center is offering mental health care for young children and their families at 801-582-5534 or www.tccslc.org.

• The University Neuropsychiatric Institute is offering debriefing sessions for the community today from 11 a.m.-noon and 5-6 p.m. The sessions will be conducted by James C. Ashworth, chief of the Division of Child Psychiatry, and Matthew Wooley, a psychologist and clinical instructor. The institute is located at 501 S. Chipeta Way (2320 East) in Salt Lake City. For information and to schedule attendance, call 801-587-3423.

• Individuals associated more directly with the Trolley Square shooting may be eligible for state help with such things as funeral costs, medical care and mental health counseling through the Utah Office of Crime Victim Reparations. For information, call 801-238-2360 or visit www.crimevictim.utah.gov.

• The Sharing Place offers counseling for children, teens and families experiencing the death of a loved one at 801-466-6730 or www.thesharingplace.org.

• The Salt Lake City Police Department's Victim Advocate Program provides support for victims of crime in Salt Lake City at 801-580-7969.

• The 211 Info Bank is a comprehensive services resource available by dialing 211 or by visiting www.informationandreferral.org

• Network of Care is an umbrella organization for Utah's social services providers, available at www.networkofcare.org.