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Jan. 14, 1999

Triad Center

De Kieu Duy, 24, a woman with a history of mental illness, enters the Triad Center with a handgun at about 3:30 p.m. She fires numerous rounds in the lobby of KSL's broadcast center where she wounds building manager Brent Wightman.

After Duy takes an elevator to upper floors, AT&T employee Anne Sleater, 30, is shot. She dies of her wound eight days later. The shooting stops when Sleater's co-worker, Ben Porter, wrestles Duy to the ground. Duy is charged with multiple felonies, including capital murder, but found mentally incompetent to stand trial and today remains in the Utah State Hospital.

April 15, 1999

Family History Library

Armed with a handgun, Sergei Babarin, 70, enters the LDS Church's Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City and starts shooting about 10:30 a.m. Security guard Don Thomas, 62, of West Jordan, is killed, as is library visitor Patricia Irene Frengs, 55, of Pleasant Hill, Calif. Three other people suffer gunshot wounds but survive. About 15 minutes into the shooting, police shoot Babarin during an exchange of gunfire and he dies of his wounds at the scene. Babarin's family says he had a history of schizophrenia.

March 5, 1994

Salt Lake City Library

Clifford Lynn Draper, 29, takes 10 people hostage for 5 1/2hours in a Salt Lake City

Library conference room. During the standoff, Draper makes several phone calls to local radio stations, rambling about his problems with the government and military and threatens to kill the hostages. Draper is eventually shot three times by a police officer posing as a hostage and dies of his wounds.

Sept. 21, 1991

Alta View Hospital

Armed with a shotgun, handgun and several sticks of dynamite, Richard Worthington, 39, blasts his way into the Women's Health Center at Alta View Hospital shortly after midnight. Using a handgun, he shoots and kills nurse Karla Roth, 37, of Kearns. About 18 hours later, Worthington walks out of the women's center at 5:45 p.m. using several adults and newborns as a human shield and surrenders. A few hours later, federal agents disarm a bomb found in the offices of an obstetrician who two years earlier had performed a tubal ligation on Worthington's wife. Worthington pleads guilty to killing Roth and is sentenced to 35 years in prison, but later his attorneys try to have his guilty plea withdrawn, saying he was mentally ill during the shooting and when he pleaded guilty. After several suicide and escape attempts, Worthington on Nov. 11, 1993, succeeds in killing himself by hanging in his prison cell at the Ely State Prison in Nevada.