THE JETS in concert Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Jon Huntsman Center, University of Utah. One performance only.

When you've seen more than 100 pop music concerts over the past five years, one concert seems indistinguishable from another.So reviewers, like myself, find themselves splitting hairs, critiquing things that fans don't give a flying Finnish fajita about.

So when it came to reviewing the Jets concert Saturday night, rather than risk offending every Jets fan in Salt Lake (nd there are a lot of them), I decided to let a real expert handle the review - my 9-year-old niece Angela Greer of Hyrum. I don't necessarily get all excited when I hear their music. But she does. Rightfully, this is her review. After all, she's the expert.

So what did you think of the show, Angie?

"It was a dream come true. It was so neat."

I guess that means you liked it?

It was excellent. I like to dance and you can really dance to their music. I dance to their music at home all the time. The concert is better than dancing in the living room.

What else did you especially like about the show?

"I liked it when they came out in their Tonga costumes and did some Tongan dances in their costumes with the curtain behind them of the mountain and the waterfall and the lake. And while they were doing the Tongan dancing, stars lighted up on the stage and then Eddie (he knows them all by their first names, of course) danced with the fire sticks.

I know the Jets don't take drugs and they ask their fans to just say no to drugs. What did you think about that?

People should say no to drugs, and it's kind of neat when someone famous says it, too.

So what was their best song?

I like them all. They were all good. I liked "Cross My Broken Heart" and "Sending All My Love" and "I Do You." And then when they came back on the stage at the end and they shouted "What song haven't you heard tonight?" and everyone shouts back at the same time, "Rocket To U." That was so cool.

So in the words of my 9-year-old niece, the Jets concert was excellent, neat and cool. And certainly better than dancing alone in your living room.