Salt Lake Community College will get South High School for its downtown campus.

In a telephone poll, the Salt Lake Board of Education agreed Monday to the state's proposal. The board will sell the 353,000-square-foot facility for $1 million plus $200,000 in concurrent enrollment credits, which are tuition waivers for the school district's students taking college-credit courses.The district will also be allowed to use the building's facilities, including the pool, gyms, vocational-education facilities etc., for up to 10 years at no cost except its share of operating expenses.

School district staff coordinator Jan Keller said the board members asked business district manager Gary Harmer to draft the contract with Neal Stowe, director of the State Division of Facilities, Construction and Management, and it will probably take a month before it can be completed.

Because board members gave their consent over the phone, the decision must be brought to a formal vote in a public meeting. That will probably be at the June 21 board meeting.

Several weeks ago, sources indicated that the board did not have the necessary five of seven votes for the sale. Keller said five members consented to the sale over the phone, and two had not been reached because they were out of town.

The board decision had also been expected last Wednesday, but the school district had a last-min-ute offer. Keller confirmed rumors that the district had been offered $6 million by a Texas developer. However, she said, after investigation by the district staff, it seemed doubtful that offer could have actually led to a sale.