A Layton man drowned in a swimming accident at a reservoir near the Davis County Golf Course Sunday afternoon, officials said.

Kenneth D. Yanez, 19, was pronounced dead at LDS Hospital where he was flown by helicopter following the 3 p.m. accident, hospital and police officials said.Yanez was swinging on a rope overhanging Company Pond at 17th E. Gentile St., a Layton police spokeswoman said, quoting witnesses.

Witnesses said Yanez dropped from the rope into the water and while trying to return to shore he "disappeared" beneath the surface, the spokeswoman said.

A companion then ran to the nearby golf course and summoned help, the spokeswoman said.

After arriving at the scene, Layton Police Officer Reed Heslop dived for and recovered Yanez, who was still alive, she said. Yanez was then flown to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.