A swimming accident claimed the life of a Layton man Sunday, and a Grand County resident was in serious condition following a diving mishap Saturday near Moab.

Kenneth D. Yanez, 19, 1694 Celia Drive, died while swimming with some friends in Company's Pond, a reservoir near the Davis County Golf Course.Yanez was swinging out over the pond, posted as a no-swimming area, on a rope tied to an overhanging tree branch, then dropping into the water, according to Layton police.

He had apparently dropped into the water several times, but in the final try disappeared under the water when he was swimming back to shore, police said.

Paramedics and officers from the Davis County sheriff's office and Layton Police were notified of the man's disappearance shortly after 3 p.m.

Yanez was underwater between 30 minutes and an hour before Layton police officer Reed Heslop pulled him out. He was transported by air ambulance to LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, where he was dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, Julian Sanchez, 24, Moab, was being treated for a spinal fracture in an intensive-care unit in St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Junction, Colo., for injuries suffered when he dived about 15 to 20 feet off a ledge into a swimming hole at Mill Creek Power Dam.

Grand County Deputy Sheriff John McGann said water at the creek site, about 20 yards below the dam, was about 5 feet deep and had rocks in it.

"Some of the bystanders said he dived in. He'd been diving in all afternoon. They lost sight of him and when they looked down, they saw him floating face down. Apparently, he'd been face down for a while," McGann said.

The deputy said Sanchez's friends pulled him from the water and notified the sheriff's office about 1:47 p.m.

McGann administered first aid until the Grand County ambulance arrived. He was transported to Allen Memorial Hospital in Moab for emergency treatment.