President Gordon B. Hinckley

President of the church

Members of the LDS Church are all one family - with one Lord, faith and baptism. For the most part, they are a happy people.

"But even those among our number who are bowed down with sorrow and pain go forward in faith with the certain assurance that God lives and is watching over his children."

The church is moving forward with construction of a great new meeting facility adjoining Temple Square. It should be ready to host the April 2000 general conference.

Church leaders think of the Saints in distant lands, have met with hundreds of thousands of them and have felt their spirit.

"You are so very precious to this work."

Church members are all part of a great family - 10 million strong - worshiping together.

"No matter where we are, no matter our circumstances, we can be faithful Latter-day Saints."

Members everywhere can live the gospel, pay appropriate tithes and offerings, walk in faith and strive to live lives patterned after the life of the Master.

President Thomas S. Monson

First counselor, First Presidency

Members need to ask themselves if they give thanks to God for the rich blessings he bestows on them.

A simple, sincere "thank you" can cheer the spirit, broaden friendships and lift lives to a higher pathway on the journey toward perfection.

Individuals should express thanks to their parents for life, for caring, for sacrificing and laboring to provide them with a knowledge of God's plan for happiness.

What about thanks for school and church teachers who quicken the desire to learn and live honorably?

And what of thanking peers and others who show kindness?

Death often comes as an intruder, even to precious children. There is only one source of true peace.

"The gifts of healing and of peace are desperately needed, and Jesus, through his Atonement, has provided them for one and all."

Thanks be to a loving Heavenly Father who can provide anyone who sincerely seeks with the knowledge that death is not the end of existence.

Elder M. Russell Ballard

Quorum of the Twelve

President Hinckley's goal is to have at least 100 temples in operation by the end of this century.

"Knowing the president as I do, I am sure that goal will be met if not exceeded."

Now much responsibility rests on church members to prepare themselves and others to be worthy of temple blessings.

Prophets have admonished the Saints to be quick in doing the work of this last dispensation. President Hinckley has asked them to "carry on," to do better, to do more.

The prophet is doing all he can to accelerate the Lord's work by traveling the world, strengthening the Saints, working with the world media and overseeing a historic temple-building era.

"Are we keeping pace with him?" This is not the time for members to relax or to coast in their callings.

Rather, each must marshal every resource to fellowship every convert. Every soul is precious to Heavenly Father.

Members should examine whether they are setting an example of Christian virtue in their lives and homes.

Elder Robert D. Hales

Quorum of the Twelve

The Lord is the ultimate caregiver.

By surrendering themselves to the Lord, Latter-day Saints give up whatever causes them pain and turn everything over to him.

By reading the scriptures, praying, pondering and, if necessary, repenting, individuals can be healed with the peace and joy of his spirit.

It's useless to dwell on the "whys," "what ifs" and "if onlys," for which there will likely be no answers in mortality.

"To receive the Lord's comfort, we must exercise faith."

Pondering takes mortal thoughts from the world's trivial things and brings them closer to the Master.

The Savior endured his greatest pain during the Atonement to help heal the transgressor.

"Through faith and trust in the Lord and obedience to his counsel, we make ourselves eligible to be partakers of the Atonement of Jesus Christ so that one day we may return to live with him."

Great blessings come from overcoming adversity. As members are strengthened and healed, they can lift and strengthen others.

Bishop H. David Burton

Presiding Bishop of the church

Today is a season of many opportunities.

Church members all face challenges that provide some of their greatest opportunities.

"As we recognize and act on our opportunities, progress, happiness and spiritual growth follow."

Latter-day Saints need to be more involved in moving the Lord's work forward.

"If we are not keeping the Sabbath day holy, today is a wonderful time to commit, to seize the opportunity, to receive the promised blessings that come from Sabbath day observance."

President Hinckley has been prompted to consider ways to provide more opportunities for members to participate in temple worship, and all have the opportunity to pay tithes so temple construction can move forward.

The prophet also reminds members of opportunities to reach out and touch others with love and fellowship.

"(This) is a season to reach out to touch the life of someone; a season to commit to keeping the Sabbath day holy and a season to help keep the lights of our temples burning brightly."

Sister Virginia U. Jensen

First counselor, General Relief Society Presidency

Prophets are giants of the Lord, men whom the Lord has raised up to preside over the church.

"The Lord is working through the leader of his church today, just as he has always done in the past."

Members are blessed to live in a time when the fullness of the gospel can bless their lives.

The hymn invites: "Come, listen to a prophet's voice and hear the word of God."

"Every member of the church of any age or circumstance will be touched and blessed by the inspired counsel of prophets of the Lord."

Listening to the prophet gives members a clearer picture of who they are, as he provides counsel and encouraging words.

If Latter-day Saints listen to the Lord through his prophet and follow his counsel, they will never go astray.

It is the work of Relief Society sisters to help bring women and their families back to Heavenly Father.

The prophet has told parents they have a solemn responsibility to care for their families in righteousness.