After the publication of two interviews in which 19-year-old Claire Danes said unkind things about Manila, the city council voted 23-3 this week to ban her movies, "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Rainmaker" among them.

Danes, who had spent some time in Manila shooting "Brokedown Palace," told Vogue that it was a "ghastly and weird city"; those remarks, published in April, caused no furor.An interview in the latest issue of Premiere, however, was more controversial. Manila "smelled like cockroaches," she said, and the residents are "people with, like, no arms, no legs, no eyes, no teeth."

"We cannot accept irresponsible sweeping statements from irresponsible actresses," said council member Kim Atienza.

"This resolution is in fact abridging her rights," said opposing city council member Julio Logarta. "Most of what she said is true." Logarta doubted that the council has the authority to enforce a ban. - Leah Garchik