When it comes to wilderness, the Utah delegation must consider themselves dictators instead of part of a democracy. It is incomprehensible how out of touch our congressional leaders are with the desires of their electorate. Repeatedly, surveys have shown that the majority of Utahns want vast tracts of land designated wilderness. A recent survey last summer found that the average Utahn wants 9.25 million acres as wilderness.

Despite overwhelming wilderness support in Utah and previous failures at passing anti-wilderness bills, the dictatorlike Utah delegation (minus Merrill Cook) is at it again. This time, deceptively, Hansen has hidden an anti-wilderness bill that allows desecration of over a half-million acres of wilderness in the San Rafael Swell in a 481-page omnibus bill that has some good provisions.Let's hope we can count on the Democratic leadership in Congress to protect our national heritage and defeat this bill in accordance with the desires of the people of Utah and the United States.

Teri Underwood

Salt Lake City