Sudan's army has killed more than 500 Ugandan soldiers who Khartoum says were invading the southern part of the country, the Sudanese News Agency reported today, quoting a military spokesman.

"The armed forces have managed up to now to kill over 500 of the invading troops, destroy or seize 17 tanks and five armored vehicles," Lt. Gen. Abdel Rahman Sir Al-Khatim was quoted by SUNA as saying.Al-Khatim told the seminar his troops had destroyed two Ugandan brigades that were fighting government forces in the eastern Equatoria state of southern Sudan.

Al-Khatim was addressing a seminar held Wednesday evening in Al-Fashir in the northern Darfur state in western Sudan, SUNA said. It did not report whether Al-Khatim gave details of when and where the killings took place.

Sudan says southern neighbor Uganda is fighting alongside the Sudan People's Liberation Army rebels in eastern Equatoria, a charge Kampala denies.

This week, Khartoum ordered a general mobilization to confront what it called an attack by Uganda, backed by Eritrea and Rwanda, in southern Sudan.

It was the first time the government declared a nationwide mobilization since January 1997.

Aid agencies said the Sudanese government has launched an extensive campaign of aerial bombardment in the southern part of eastern Equatoria close to the Ugandan border.