Legislation currently being considered would require parental consent for minors seeking family planning services, e.g., contraceptives at clinics that are funded with Title X funds.

This sort of legislation is wrong-headed, plain and simple. If those drafting this legislation really believe that by forcing minors to obtain their parent's consent to visit these clinics it will significantly reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, then they are dreaming.Family planning clinics provide a valuable service and have proven to reduce unintended pregnancies (and by extension, potential abortions) when allowed to do their job. This legislation thwarts those teens who are trying hard to take responsibility and avoid unintended pregnancies. Why do this? To what end?

If legislators who support this mandatory consent are doing so because they fear what "goes on" in these clinics, then why don't they visit them and judge for themselves whether the information is detrimental to teens facing possible (single) parenthood.

Please let your congressional representatives know that you neither accept nor agree with their paranoia (what else could it be?) of Title X-funded family planning clinics.

Steven Purhonen

Salt Lake City