Once again feminism has proved its message is nothing more than one-sided, liberal blather. Bill Clinton has used the highest office in the land to procure sexual favors from a 21-year-old intern. The feminists, along with the liberals in Congress, have argued vigorously about the private nature of these acts. They have also asked us to forgive and forget. Are they serious? This is farcical. First, the president engaged in these "private" acts in a hallway adjacent to the Oval Office, not some condo on the beach. These "private" acts took place in the White House. The White House is "our" house. "We the People" pay for the upkeep and "We the People" hold the mortgage.

If by chance a group of schoolchildren, taking a White House tour, stumbled across Ms. Lewinsky and the president in the midst of a "private" act, would the feminists have accused the children of trespassing? Second, where was this attitude of compassion and forgiveness when Bob Packwood was railroaded out of the Senate or Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment? The evidence against these two men was a personal diary in one case and nonexistent in the other. Yet the feminists pronounced them both guilty and fought like wildcats to keep them from their prospective posts.Luckily for us they didn't succeed with Justice Thomas. To this day, feminists still believe Anita Hill despite the fact not one piece of credible evidence exists to support her claim. The liberal feminists are nothing but sniveling bootlickers and they insult decent women everywhere. The feminist movement has proved beyond any doubt that its entire agenda is a shill for the liberal, extremist Democrats. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Steven K. Lang