Here is a timeless quote from "The Social Contract," by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, (1712-78): "The best kings desire to be in a position to be wicked, if they please, without forfeiting their mastery: Political sermonizers may tell them to their hearts' content that, the people's strength being their own, their first interest is that the people should be prosperous, numerous, and formidable; they are well aware that this is untrue. Their first personal interest is that the people should be weak, wretched and unable to resist them."

Are we in a monarchy where our citizens are reduced to nothing but the sole support of a regent who seduces the White House tour while being paid with taxpayer money, cares nothing for our image, the image of the president or the laws of our country; who blasts a public servant for doing his job; who blasts Ms. Tripp for betraying his secret combination; who has sold our country's secrets to the Chinese; who has allowed Iraq to build weapons of mass destruction?Has the United States of America been reduced to control by the media, the corporations, the Chinese and other special interests who care nothing about the character or morals of the president whom they have bought and paid for?

Are going to let Nero play with his "violin" while the rest of the country is burning? It's time to speak out and let our representatives know that we care about our country and who governs us. Please impeach Clinton.

Larry Maddocks

Salt Lake City