I am a second-grade teacher in the public school system. I am writing to express my opinion that our representatives in Washington need to press forward with impeachment hearings of our president.

I spend many hours a week teaching the children in my class to be honest, fair, considerate of others and respectful. We talk about the importance of self-discipline and integrity. We learn that for every decision there are consequences that will bring happiness or disappointment.We talk about respecting our flag and the great blessing of living in America. We learn about the White House and why it is a national treasure. I teach them about the leaders of our city, state and nation and why these men and women should be looked up to and respected.

In past years, we have written letters to these leaders asking questions about their lives and their important jobs. This year, I will not give this assignment. I will not teach my students about the leader of our country because he has failed to live up to the respect that his office deserves. He has made a mockery of presidential power. He has blatantly lied under oath to a grand jury. On national television he has lied to the American people, including the children in my class.

With his immoral behavior he has desecrated the Oval Office. I can neither explain nor condone this behavior to the students in my class. When the behavior of our president brings this much shame and humiliation to our country, it is time for him to step down or to be removed from office. The 7- and 8-year-old students I teach deserve more from the president of our country.

Kathy Murphy

Davis School District