Bill Clinton is an honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America.

Let me reiterate that he is an honorary president, which according to Webster's dictionary, was "conferred for the sake of honor only without pay or usual requirements." He is probably not a Boy Scout himself. We know he doesn't adhere to the Boy Scout law of being honest, true, chaste, etc.I have three sons who have received the Eagle Scout award based upon their efforts and on their character and their honesty, not the president's, and even though he signs their Eagle Scout certificate, that fact does not for one minute diminish their achievements.

I received my Eagle award in the '70s, and the honorary Richard Milhouse Nixon signed mine. You know what, it doesn't hurt my feelings a bit or in my mind diminish the accomplishment. Maybe it's time for us not to worry about an honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America but to look to these boys as honorable young men and our leaders in the future.

Jerry Dinkelman

West Jordan