Officials in Orem say there is no giardia lamblia in the municipal water system now and there never has been.

"The clincher is, we'd have hundreds of people ill if there was a problem," said George Cepull, section manager for the water department of Orem.A family complained that around Sept. 14, the city's water supply made them sick. They blamed the symptoms on giardia lamblia, a bacteria that gets into water through contamination.

Richard Manning, the city's public works director, happens to live in the same neighborhood and no one in his family has become ill. Nor has anyone else in the vicinity of north Main Street.

"We did take a sample . . . and it showed we don't have giardia in the water. We never have," Cepull said.

Giardia lamblia is a parasite that can cause an intestinal disease called giardiasis.