There are heroes in Salt Lake City that need recognition.

A home that I was caring for was discovered to have raw sewage in the basement due to a construction accident that had occurred a few days earlier. This was a major disaster, and the sewage had peaked at 18 inches. When I contacted Salt Lake City Corporation to see what was to be done, the waste water supervisor, Jon Dansie, told me that he would have the crew there at my convenience to clean up and save as much as possible. And they were there almost immediately.These men, Kim, Larry and Sam, spent an entire day at a thankless, awful job with no breaks, no rest. The professional way they handled themselves was impressive, but even more impressive than that was the way they treated me and the property that was damaged. They were kind, considerate, compassionate and caring. Sam, in an attempt to save photographs, wiped and disinfected each page and set them out to dry. They wiped down furniture and household items and carried away what I did not feel could be saved. They scrubbed and cleaned and disinfected the basement and didn't rush the job to get out of there. Jon, at the end of the day listened to my concerns about permanent damage and arranged to meet me again a couple days later, at my convenience, to disinfect again.

These men are my heroes. Way to go, guys. We should all be thankful that you are out there in the city every day making sure that these accidents are a rare occurrence.

Bonnie M. Zeluff

Salt Lake City