I wanted to clarify some statements in a Sept. 20 article by Edward Reichel regarding the chorale group Gloriana.

Mr. Kuenzi and his group, Gloriana, are sent materials regarding applications for Utah Arts Council grants every year. Yet no application request has ever been made to the council for funds.Salt Lake County, under which the "Arts Tax" funds are administered, has also never received an application for participation, according to their arts tax administrator Kevin Arrington.

The article could lead one to believe that promises were broken by the Utah Arts Council, where actually no promises were made and no funds were requested.

It is especially disturbing to me, as you stated in a letter to readers on Sunday, that you place "tremendous importance on getting it right." It is just as important to be correct in the arts section as on the front page.

Bonnie H. Stephens

Director, Utah Arts Council

Salt Lake City