It seems as though the Deseret News has fallen in line with Jan Graham and the political correctness cultural revolution sweeping the country against tobacco. The argument put forth by the Deseret News' "In our opinion" is as intellectually anemic as all the other lame explanations for upset Democrats who want a greater share of the tobacco campaign treasury.

Tobacco is so easy to attack in Utah, but why aren't they attacking the alcoholic beverage industry, responsible for a large percentage of premature deaths of many innocent young and old of this country from behind the wheel of an automobile.The claim that "more people die from tobacco usage than from homicides, AIDS, suicides and fires combined" just doesn't compare when considering that tobacco-induced deaths, we all know, are only slightly premature deaths, relative to the population's usual life span. No denying that many of these deaths can be painful and long lasting, so why don't we do something about obesity or the undeniably greatest premature killer, heart disease?

Which brings up the subject of lifestyle, exercise and the foods we eat - these can all be just as dangerous to our nation's health as tobacco, yet we seem to allow the AIDS epidemic to run rampant with few controls to protect the population, and for some bizarre reason we have to accept this great Jihad the state attorney general has declared against the evil tobacco industry.

Bruce B. Allen

Salt Lake City