Tom Cruise's latest role is that of hero, according to a mugging victim.

Rita Simmonds told Thursday's Evening Standard that Cruise ran to her rescue Sept. 23 as attackers pulled open the door of her Porsche and yanked off about $120,000 worth of jewelry."Tom was brilliant," Simmonds told the London newspaper.

Pat Kingsley, a spokeswoman for the actor, said the attack had already taken place by the time Cruise arrived.

"He and a friend were taking a stroll and heard the commotion," she said. "A couple of people were standing there to help the women. He tried to console her."

Simmonds said she was badly bruised during the assault.

This is not the first time Cruise has come to the aid of the distressed; in 1996, he got help for a woman who had been hit by a car.