Possums, the Lone Ranger rides again, only this time I took a friend.

I have decided that, as much fun as sitting alone in a club can be, I would really like to share the experience with another person. Everyone knows how special bonding can be.Sure. Whatever. "Sharing" and "bonding" make me want to crouch in a fetal position and rock.

Regardless of this little fact, I took my friend Merry Jane for a night out in crazy Salt Lake City. I had a good reason. Merry just moved back from Southern California and needed me to show her a good time. I tried.

I took her to O'Shucks. Not the one in the hills. The one downtown - right next-door to the Des News. Getting Merry there was quite a trip.

MJ: Where are we going?

L: O'Shucks.

MJ: Why?

L: The Sun Masons are playing.

MJ: Sub Humans?

L: The Sun Masons, Merry. They're a band.

MJ: Where are the Sub Humans playing?

L: O'Shucks.

MJ: Oh look, the Young Doubliners are playing the Zephyr. Let's go there.

L: We can't.

MJ: Why?

L: We're going to see the Sun Masons.

MJ: Who are the Sub Morons?


O'Shucks-Salt Lake is a tad different from O'Shucks-Park City. There aren't as many patrons, there aren't as many peanut shells on the floor, there's no golf video game, but the bartenders are just as nice. There is one major difference - O'Shucks-Salt Lake has a stage for bands like the Sun Masons.

To those of you who haven't seen the Sun Masons: I can't understand your world.

The entity known as the Sun Masons has existed for about three or four years. Having played at the ever-popular Liquid Joe's, the Zephyr and as an opener for the Doobie Brothers at the Canyons, this group has racked up an impressive resume and a strong following.

If one wanted to categorize the Sun Masons, one could easily say their musical stylings are extremely similar to those of the ever mighty Police. Most of their songs are percussion driven and contain bits of funk and reggae.

Even though his voice got lost under the music, lead vocalist Sam Bevan did an impressive job playing both the keyboard and the bass. Electric guitarist Jonas Juhlin provided the melody as newest member. Drummer Pierre Menefield did what he was hired to do - look cool and play well.

Despite the fact that the crowd was in a coma, the Masons proved to have an enjoyable sound and didn't make Merry cringe. Which, my friends is a big compliment.

For those of you who do know and love this group of guys, they have a new CD just waiting to be released. The date is tentatively set for sometime around late November . . . or early next year.

Now you know what to get your someone special for the holidays.