It helps to have family in high places.

"Both my parents were hippies," said Third Eye Blind's bassist Arion Salazar during a phone interview from Stillwater, Okla. "And they had music playing all the time. So I heard music all the time. And Dad would also drag me to garage jams he was playing in."Third Eye Blind - featuring Salazar, vocalist Stephan Jenkins, guitarist Kevin Cadogan and drummer Brad Hargreaves - will make a return trip to Salt Lake City for a gig at Saltair on Oct. 7. The music will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at all Smith'sTix outlets.

"When I really started paying attention to the music, I was hearing the Who and the Beatles," Salazar said. "I turned to the bass because in school, there were a lot of guitar shredders. Everyone wanted to be a guitarist, but no one wanted to do the bass. Then I heard Rush. I didn't want to sound or look like Geddy Lee, but I wanted to play like him."

Jenkins and Salazar began playing gigs together six years ago.

"He had a definite goal to form a great band," Salazar said about Jenkins. "And once the others joined, things blossomed.

"The beauty of the music we play is the attention Stephan pays to his lyrics," Salazar said, referring to the provocative pop ditties "Semi-Charmed Life" and "How's it Going."

Thanks to the multi-platinum success of Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut album, the band has been found on MTV and VH1 all over the world. But Salazar said the success is merely a byproduct of the job.

"Well, money and success is a good thing," Salazar said. "But if you put out an album that you're really proud of, and it doesn't sell well, you still should be proud of it.

"The next album is going to sound like this band," Salazar promised. "We won't go through any face lifts and images changes like - ahem - Marilyn Manson. But we won't just make another album that mimics the first one."