JAKARTA - Bambang Trihat-modjo, billionaire son of former Indonesian President Suharto, was interrogated in the alleged misuse of loans made to an insolvent bank that he partly owns.


MARIGNANE - A former employee hijacked an aerospace company plane in France and took 15 hostages, forcing the pilot to land at an airport outside Marseille, police said.


WARSAW - The opposition ex-communists have crept ahead of the Solidarity bloc, the government's largest grouping, before local elections on Oct. 11, an opinion poll showed.


VIENNA - A Swissair flight from Bucharest to Zurich made an unscheduled stop in Vienna after an anonymous caller in Bucharest said a bomb was on board, officials said.


KIEV - A reactor was stopped at Zaporizhia nuclear power plant due to a malfunction in its turbine, officials said. The cause of the malfunction was not immediately clear.


DHAKA - Rival political activists clashed with spears and meat cleavers, killing at least one local leader of governing Awali League party in northwestern Bangladesh, police said.


MADRID - The government warned its citizens to leave Yugoslavia as the possibility of NATO military action to halt Serb attacks in Kosovo increased.


PHNOM PENH - The European Union's chief observer of the July election said the vote was generally fair but subsequent tension might have been avoided if opposition complaints of fraud had been dealt with properly.


ANKARA - The defense minister said military action against Syria was out of the question in a row over Damascus' alleged support for Kurdish separatist guerrillas.


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN - The Sultan of Brunei's estranged brother met managers of his troubled conglomerate and observers said a rift between the two men over allegations the firm misused funds might soon be patched up.


KAMPALA - The government has conditionally released 18 people arrested two weeks ago in connection with a bomb threat on the U.S. Embassy in Kampala but the group remains under investigation, a police spokesman said.


JERUSALEM - Rightist members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition vowed to bring down the government if a deal on the handover of more West Bank land to the Palestinians was sealed.


RIGA - Gunshots were fired near the official residence of President Guntis Ulmanis the day before a general election, his office said. No one was hurt in the shooting.


ABBIATEGRASSO - More than 40 people, including an 8-month-old baby, were injured when a gas canister exploded in a crowded market in a small Italian town, police said.


LUANDA - Eight people were killed and 16 wounded in eastern Angola after the vehicle in which they were riding went over a newly laid anti-tank mine, Angolan radio reported on Friday.