With over seven and one-half years of active military service in the Army and six years in the National Guard, having traveled to many countries and more than once put my life on the line for God, family and country, now Collin Simonsen and others like him want to question my loyalty because I feel we should not pass laws making flag desecration illegal. Now don't get me wrong and think that I agree with or even condone flag burning. I most certainly will use my freedoms of speech and expression to denounce any such idiotic act. Yet my loyalties lie not to a piece of cloth at the top of a pole or paper and ink preserved in the Smithsonian but in the ideas, precepts and greatness that they represent.

Having lived in many countries like Australia, France, Haiti, Zimbabwe and others, I can stand up and say that we live in the greatest country on the face of the Earth. And it is our base of liberties like freedoms of speech and expression that make this country so great. To pass a law limiting these freedoms for any reason, however noble or corrupt, would be a bad precedent that would give evil men the chance to further curtail or even destroy these liberties.Sam Fidler