As you enter my doctor's office, you're greeted by four receptionists (Jennefer, Robyn, Theresa or Joni), all with smiles and asking how you're doing.

You're taken back to an exam room by one of three assistants (Susan, Holly or Cynthia ) or sometimes you have to get blood drawn by Marile. When all of that is done, my doctor arrives, always with a smile and a "Hi, there." For the next little while, whatever the time it takes, she begins to probe for what the problems are. As she does this, one will notice a small heart-shaped pin made by one of her boys that reads, "Love Ya, Mom."She is a very modest individual and doesn't like to talk about her accomplishments. She has been known to make house calls to some of her patients in Park City.

I have had numerous hospitalizations which include comas, strokes and heart attacks, and she has always been there for me both for my physical problems as well as a great listener for my emotional needs. She is someone I trust and consider more than just a doctor. I consider her my friend.

Thanks for always being there when I needed you. You ask who is this remarkable individual - Dr. Mary Parsons of Summit Health Center in Park City, a true mountain treasure.

R.W. Simpkins

West Jordan