The executive director of the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake is concerned contributors are confusing his charity with another organization that changed its name.

At issue is last fall's decision by the former Spectacular Ministries of the Lord's Servants to rename itself the Salt Lake City Mission. The two missions are located within two blocks of each other.Ed Carnell, executive director of the 26-year-old Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, claims in his monthly newsletter for September that the name change has "resulted in total confusion for many people."

"The Bible says God is not the author of confusion!!" Carnell wrote. "Please do not be deceived by the similarity of names."

Pastor Wayne Wilson of the Salt Lake City Mission says he found Christ while serving 10 years at Utah State Prison on what he insists were trumped-up sex-abuse charges. He opened his mission soon after parole in 1994.

The name Spectacular Ministries, he said, had been revealed to him during a prison prayer meeting. However, he said, in late 1997, his board of directors, with the support of the Kansas City, Mo.-based International Union of Gospel Missions, decided to change the mission's name "to better identify what we do."

"My heart is to help Ed whenever we can," said Wilson, denying the name change was made with any intent to cut into the Rescue Mission's donations.

"We have not received any (errant donations) nor have we had anyone tell us they accidentally donated to us when they meant it for the Rescue Mission," he said.

However, Carnell said that after Wilson ran newspaper advertisements in November and December, he began receiving checks for Wilson's mission inside Rescue Mission donation envelopes.