A Marine Corps Reserve unit that was activated in the Persian Gulf War has left its old base of operation, and one of its sergeants received the Navy Commendation Medal for action in combat during the war.

Company C, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion moved from Tooele Army Depot, Tooele County, to the Utah National Guard base at Camp Williams. The Marines convoyed all of their rolling stock to Camp Williams, including 24 light armored vehicles, four five-ton trucks and four Humvees.Sgt. David E. Densley received the Navy Commendation Medal for his actions in combat 81/2 years ago.

The commendation, signed by the Marine Corps commandant, Gen. Charles Krulak, says that in February 1991, Densley led a guided missile system section through indirect enemy fire to occupy a key defensive position opposite an Iraqi infantry brigade.

"Over the next two days and nights of combat, his clear reasoning, calm issuance of orders, and effective employment of supporting arms against enemy forces motivated the section and platoon in their efforts to hold the center of the battalion's defenses," the commendation says.

"In the afternoon of 24 February, Sgt. Densley was instrumental in forcing the surrender of 900 Iraqi soldiers by employing the section's main guns, machine guns, and mortar rounds onto well dug in enemy soldiers."

The change of base from Tooele to Riverton results from a 1993 recommendation by the Base Closure and Realignment Commission, which closed the Tooele Army Depot North Area.

Major Eric Mellinger, inspector-instructor for Company C, noted that while the unit looks forward to its new professional relationship with the National Guard, "we'll miss the special relationship shared with the county and city of Tooele."