A woman who attended a party at the University of Utah's Kappa Sigma fraternity wants the school to take action against two men who had sex with her while she allegedly was incapacitated.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the case as a possible sexual assault."The woman indicated to me she will bring forward charges naming the individuals," said Dean of Students Stayner Landward. "If they're found guilty, the two individuals are in a lot of trouble."

If found guilty of a sexual assault by the Student Behavior Committee, the two individuals could be suspended or expelled.

Salt Lake City Police Detective Heather Stringfellow has said two fraternity members acknowledged having sex with the 18-year-old woman but contend it was consensual. The woman said she blacked out that evening and has no memory of the events. Sex with an incapacitated person is a crime.

Neither fraternity member has been charged.

The fraternity is under heavy scrutiny from its national organization and from the school.

The roughly 60-member chapter is on a 100-day probation for allegedly serving alcohol to a minor. That means it cannot recruit any new members or throw any parties.

The chapter also will appear before the university's Greek Judiciary to have its status on campus reviewed.

"They have hurt an individual, embarrassed themselves, embarrassed the fraternity system and embarrassed the university," said Landward. "I want to make certain they understand the gravity of the matter."

Landward said chapter leaders also will have to answer to their organization's Supreme Executive Committee at a meeting Oct. 17 in Phoenix.

The incident began Sept. 4 at the fraternity house.

The woman said she had about four ounces of alcohol over a three-hour period and blacked out. She said her next clear memory was the following morning, when she woke up on a couch in the fraternity wearing someone else's clothing. Lab tests showed the woman had sexual intercourse that evening, police said.

An attorney for one fraternity member has said the woman denies any memory of the incident because she is embarrassed.

Stringfellow is awaiting results of lab tests that could determine whether the woman ingested a "date rape" drug that evening. She said there is a possibility someone secretly slipped the woman a drug that can incapacitate and induce amnesia.

Kappa Sigma President Jason Ellis said Monday that the chapter does not take the allegations lightly, and he denied statements by Stringfellow that fraternity members tried to hamper the investigation.