After recently reading an article on Lily Eskelsen's support of a federal bill that would put police officers in schools across Utah, I would just like to say that it's nice to have found a candidate who focuses on the issues.

The bill, HR4009, would allocate federal funds to pay for full-time police officers to patrol the halls of Utah's schools. In a trial school in Layton where the program was tested, gang membership, acts of violence and incidents of theft all decreased. The officers were able to help with crime prevention as well as be on the scene immediately in cases where youths broke the law.In today's pessimistic political atmosphere, it's a breath of fresh air to find someone who rises above the fray and concentrates on what's important to us. Finally, the 2nd District has a candidate who will worry about her constituents' issues instead of being mired in negativity.

Emily Lewis

Salt Lake City