Leaves blazing with their multiple colors are just about everywhere this time of year. Our our first impulse is to preserve them and that's what these ideas are about. Find a favorite leaf or two or three, observe them, then bring them indoors to admire in the months ahead.

Make unique note cards: Glue one large leaf or several small pressed leaves onto a sheet of heavy white paper or stationery folded in half. Place one layer of white facial tissue over the leaf arrangement. Stir equal portions white household glue and water in a small dish. Paint the mixture over the entire surface of the tissue and onto the card. Assist younger children by holding the tissue down at the corners while they paint. Let dry. The Tissue will get crinkly and hard, revealing the leaf underneath.Paint postcards: Arrange a small leaf with stem on a plain index card (make sure it meets postal requirements for size). Hold the leaf in place with one hand. With the other hand, dip a paintbrush or a piece of a clean household sponge into poster paint and dab around the edges of the leaf and outward onto the card. When you have gone all around the leaf and over the stem, lift the leaf to reveal its shape. Let dry. Write a message on the leaf side, address and affix a stamp on the other side of the card and send.