Q. Some friends and I are great fans of Joe Lando, who played Byron Sully on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." Please tell us about him, especially where we will be seeing him now that "Dr. Quinn" has been canceled. I don't see him appearing anywhere in the upcoming season. - A.R., Glen Rock, N.J.

A. The actor's biggest project right now is his new baby. Son Jack Neville was born June 3 to the actor and his wife, Kirsten. The other big Lando news is his new, shorter haircut. On the acting front, he has two movies waiting for release - the independent film "Blindness" and "No Code of Conduct." In the meantime, Lando is out promoting "Dr. Quinn" reruns on Pax TV. The new network is interested in hooking up with the former Sully for a future project.

Q. "Spin City's" ever-popular Barry Bostwick appeared in several TV miniseries. What was the title of the one he co-starred in with Stefanie Powers? She played twin sisters and he was one's husband. - G.B., Hamburg, N.Y.

A. That was "Deceptions," a made-for-TV drama from 1985. Bostwick now appears on ABC's "Spin City" as Mayor Randall Winston, and recently co-starred in the Fox Family Channel comedy "Men in White." Powers returns to TV occasionally in "Hart to Hart" reunions. She's president of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation in Kenya.

Q. I liked "The Naked Truth." When was it canceled? Is it possible it will come back as a midseason replacement? What is Tea Leoni doing now? - D.M.A., Columbus, Ohio

A. Leoni, Nora Wilde on "The Naked Truth," moved on to film roles after her TV sitcom was canceled during the 1997-98 season. She was recently on the big screen in "Deep Impact." Next, she's executive producer and co-star of the comedy "There's No Fish Food in Heaven," still in post-production. Also in her future, "Ambrose Chapel" with Liam Neeson and Brad Pitt. On the home front, Leoni's husband, "X-Files" star David Duchovny, won his battle to move the hit show to Los Angeles this season so he could see more of his wife. The couple celebrated their first anniversary in May. Though "The Naked Truth" will probably resurface in rerun syndication, there's little chance of it ever going back into production.

Q. Is it all impromptu on the show "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" with Drew Carey, as it appears, or are their lines rehearsed? - D.S., Colwich, Kan.

A. ABC assures us the skits are "completely unrehearsed" and the show is "genuinely improvised." The comedy show started as a summer-run series, but ABC ordered additional episodes and extended its run into the fall. "Whose Line" is based on a British radio and TV show.