Even before I met John DiResta, I wanted to like his new sitcom more than I do.

On screen as well as off, he's a very personable, engaging guy. Sort of an underdog but by no means downtrodden.And, at times, he's quite funny in "DiResta." Unfortunately, the show's pilot - which debuts Monday at 7:30 p.m. on UPN/Ch. 14 - doesn't have enough of those funny moments.

"DiResta" is one of the sitcoms that follows its main character both at home and on the job. DiResta, of course, plays a New York City transit cop. He's got a great wife, Kate (Leila Kenzle of "Mad About You"), and two kids - a precocious 5-year-old daughter and a cute 2-year-old son, about whom he worries because the boy loves to wear girl's clothes.

And then there's the landlord's son, Tully (Erik Palladino), a professional student who lives in the basement. He's best buddies with Kate, but the relationship is just a little bit too friendly as far as John is concerned.

At work, John matches wits with his pompous boss (Joe Guzaldo) and tries to keep his sister-in-law (Sandra Purpuro), a fellow cop, out of his way. And the cast also includes Cal (David Batieste), an aspiring musician, who works at a diner John frequents.

DiResta himself is a popular, funny guy.

In Monday's pilot, John decides to work nights to make more money so his daughter can attend a private kindergarten. The results are predictable and not particularly funny.

Which is too bad. Let's hope "DiResta" can improve - and sticks around long enough to get that chance.