A citizens committee has split on Morgan County's change of government proposal.

At a public meeting Tuesday, four of the eight committee members supported the proposed change to a seven-member council, three members opposed it or said it needed more study and one was undecided.Morgan voters will decide Nov. 3 whether to change their three-person county commission to a seven-person county council.

Five council members would be elected from geographic districts, and two would be elected at large.

Public frustration with feuding between the commission and other elected officials during the past two years spurred the change-of-government movement last year.

Committee member Ann Taggart, Mountain Green, said the proposed council would help heal Morgan's divisive politics.

Taggart formed the committee in July. She said she was frustrated that nobody was doing anything to inform voters about the measure.

The county commissioners said they would study it a year ago, she said, "and they haven't done anything, so I finally decided to."

The County Commission appointed a committee of citizens to study the proposal two weeks ago.

County Commissioner Sheila Wilkinson, who served on Taggart's committee, said more people would be available to do more work under the proposed form of government.

Cliff Jenkins, who ran unsuccessfully for county commissioner in the June primary, said Grand County's administrative costs have doubled since the county council was established.