Don't expect to find any chatty bus or limousine drivers at McCarran International Airport: Saying anything much more than "Hello" to a prospective customer could result in a hefty fine.

For years, drivers caught soliciting travelers at the airport by calling out "hotel shuttle" or "We can go there cheaper" were fined up to $10,000 by the Transportation Services Authority. The rule was part of regulations aimed at keeping the drivers' competition for customers from getting unruly. Drivers became so fearful of the fines, they clammed up.Now the TSA has acknowledged its rules are a bit too stringent. It's considering adopting the "Hello" rule, which allows drivers to say the following phrases: "May I help you?" "Good morning," "Good afternoon" and "Good evening."

"Instead of everyone standing around looking dumb, we felt there needed to be at least an attempt to help the public," said Dennis Colling, manager of transportation for the authority.

The five companies that operate from curbs outside the airport support the proposal. "At times, it looked like a sideshow out there. I think what happened is the drivers were getting carried away," Lyle Clark, general manager of CLS of Las Vegas, said of the drivers' past antics.