Chris Hardwick isn't the only bad thing about "Guys Like Us," which premieres Monday at 7 p.m. on UPN/Ch. 13. He's just the worst thing.

But the show itself isn't going to appeal to much of anybody over the age of 10. And even a lot of kids may find it too dumb to handle.The premise is pure sitcom. Two young, single guys - Jared (Bumper Harris) and Sean (Hardwick) - are sharing an apartment. Jared's father takes a job in South America and drops 6-year-old Maestro (Maestro Harrell) on the guys.

Jared isn't thrilled. Sean is less thrilled. As the show opens, he doesn't even want Maestro in the apartment overnight.

"Why can't I spend the night?" Maestro asks.

"Because last time you stayed here, you left one of your action figures in the bathtub. . . . Batman ended up in the wrong bat cave," Sean retorts.

That's the level of humor you can expect from "Guys Like Us."

And, while this show is aimed at kids, it's not exactly clean humor.

"I can't have a little kid running around here," Sean says. "I have a sex life, you know."

"So close your door when you want to be alone," Jared replies.

Then there's the undeniably talented but wildly annoying Maestro, the quintessential sitcom kid who's wise beyond his years.

Personally, I'm sick of precocious sitcom kids who act like adults. I'm sick of TV shows that won't let kids be kids - not to mention parents of child actors who won't let their kids be kids.

And I'm sick of stupid sitcoms like "Guys Like Us."